Part 1: Poof

…And poof, he was gone.

I looked around.  The trees swayed in the breeze.  The long grass danced with the dragon flies.  The sun glared down on me and sweat raced down my face.  I looked down at my wriggling toes digging into my flip flops.  I didn’t know what else to do but sit and bury myself in the grass, out of sight from anyone, anything.  Nothing even mattered anymore.  He was gone.  Clearly, he didn’t even care.  It was no use.


I opened my eyes and blinked.  My neck stiffened as I pushed myself up to sit.  The sun sat lower in the sky now, hiding behind the mountains.  I wiped off the leeched dirt from my arm and my phone rang.

The screen lit up and sang its melody.  Usually I enjoyed the sound, the sound of someone wanting to talk to me.  This time it was him.




“I’m sorry.”

“Are you?”

“You just don’t understand yet.  You just have to listen to me.”

“Stop watching me.”

“I have to for now.”

“Yeah right.”  With that, I punched the “end” button.

My bag rested by my feet.  I tossed my phone in it and slung the backpack on my back.  I followed the path along the stream back to the road and waited for the train.  One man sat on the bench hunched over with his shoulder-length locks hugging his cheeks like velcro strips.  He wore a large black cloak about four sizes too big for him but he seemed comfortable in it by the way he nestled his chin into the zipper and tucked his hands into the sleeves.  He just sat, staring at the railroad tracks.

I stood about ten feet away by the board that showed the train map.  I didn’t really know where I was supposed to go but I figured it would be best to continue heading South.  Couldn’t hurt.

The train blew its whistle around the corner and came choo-chooing into the station.  I stepped on without making eye contact with the train employee.

The cloaked man walked in behind me and took the first seat.  I walked towards the front of the car and sat down.  My phone rang again in my backpack.  Of course, it was him.

“You’re already gone, why are you trying to talk to me?” I pushed.

“I just want you to understand.”

“Well, I don’t and now I’m alone.”

“Okay, just get off at the next stop.”

“Why would I listen to you?”

“Do you trust me?”

“I don’t know now.”

“Jenny, please.”  He hung up.

I huffed and I watched my reflection in the window.  My hair frizzed out in every direction.  My eyes bagged, staring back at myself.  I tried to curl up the sides of my mouth for a small grin but failed.  I just couldn’t believe him.


The train stopped.  The doors opened.  I sighed.  I grabbed my bag and sprinted off of the train.  A paved sidewalk began right along the station and continued along the path.  My phone rang and I ignored it.  My feet slapped the sidewalk and my eyes remained focused on the lonely road.

My phone went off again as I turned the corner.  I ignored it as I swallowed the lump in my throat.  It rang a third time and I ripped off my bag off and threw it on the ground.  I slowed my pace and grunted to the moon, cursing it.  

I walked over to my backpack and took out my phone.


“Thank you.”

“I’m off the train!  What do you want?”

“I want you to keep trusting me.  Keep going down the path there and stop when you get to Locust Station.  Get on that train and take it to your sister’s house.”  

…to be continued.



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